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Long range regional groundwater flow systems in the Northern Great Plains:
(2) Physics of regional groundwater flow in Alberta

K.U. Weyer and J.C. Ellis
Paper prepared to accompany an oral presentation at IAH-CNC GeoMontreal 2013, Montreal, QC, Canada, Sep. 29 - Oct. 3, 2013.

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A number of prominent papers during the last two decades have proposed that six differing basin-scale groundwater flow systems exist in Alberta, including three different gravitationally-driven systems within the Upper Devonian formation extending from Montana to northern Alberta (Bachu, 1995, 1999; Michael and Bachu, 2002), a groundwater flow system within the Lower Devonian aquifers of southwestern Alberta, driven by ‘past tectonic compression’ updip to the east (Bachu 1995, 1999), and a system driven by gravitational forces from the Rocky Mountains eastward towards Great Slave Lake (Bachu, 1999; Michael and Bachu, 1999). In actuality, none of the above systems exist as the applied methodologies do not adhere to basic thermodynamic principles, Darcy’s law, the equation of continuity, Hubbert’s Force Potential, and Groundwater Flow Systems Theory.

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