WDA Consultants Inc. - HydroDynamik for Windows

WDA's Hydrogeologic Knowledge System


HYDRODYNAMIK facilitates the quick overview and error checking of data by allowing the user to flip through consecutive displays of piezometer construction details, lithology and time plots of chemical and hydrological data.

Chemical diagram types supported include bar graphs (species neighboured or stacked), pie graphs, bubble graphs, range diagrams, time series plots (bar or x-y). Any combination of chemical species can be displayed as singular values or as a sum of several species.

The results of the various sampling events can be shown on the map in automated sequences. The automation can be paused or interrupted at will. The results of all sampling events are directly accessible in this mode.

On the map the values of chemical diagrams can be verified by calling up chemistry tables.

With the flick of a switch chemical data can be transferred between the following units; g/l, ppt, mg/l, ppm, g/l, ppb, mmol (eq)/l, mmol (eq) %, and mmol/m3 taking the density of water into account.

Within HD all types of chemical diagrams can handle large data spreads by using linear/log-representation or radius/area-representation as applicable.

Water level diagrams can show actual water levels, levels of top of phase and hydrodynamic water levels corrected according to the density of the phase fluid. The occurrence of phase fluid can be shown in the hydrographs and on maps with high-low diagrams showing the thickness of the phase layer at the site tested.

Zooming features show the long term and short term trends of hydrographs. With one mouse click all hydrographs can be compared easily to others with the help of colour coding and symbols. With equal ease individual hydrographs or piezometer are identified by use of a blinking feature.

Geological data can be shown within the borehole diagram, in cross-sections and in a particular diagram for comparison of geology in boreholes. In the latter diagram boreholes can easily be moved, deleted or added at will. Colours or symbols identify geologic and stratigraphic layers.

Individual chemical, water level and geology data can be displayed on the map and can be printed for manual contouring. These data can also be exported to Golden Software's program Surfer for computer contouring. For contouring control is transferred to Surfer. Upon completion of contouring control is returned to HD.

Cross-sections are selected freely and drawn on the map by merely selecting the piezometers to be included. The sections may display piezometer (construction) and groundwater information (groundwater table, water levels, hydrographs, chemistry) or borehole geology. With one mouse click boreholes and piezometers can be added to the section at their correct position and elevation, or deleted. Geologic cross-sections can be enhanced on the computer screen by freehand drawing and printed or stored as slides.