WDA Consultants Inc. - Field Services

... are our field services?
Well Monitoring
  to establish annual trends in water levels
  to monitor fluctuations in the groundwater table
  to monitor contamination
  to characterize the hydrodynamics of a groundwater system

Aquifer Tests
  to determine permeabilities and transmissivities of aquifers
  to determine available water supply from an aquifer

Geochemical Sampling
  to identify baseline data and the presence of specified chemicals
  to delineate the distribution of specified chemicals

Percolation Tests
  to determine suitability of an area for sewage disposal systems

... do you need field services?
Quality field services provide the base data for all evaluation and interpretation in any project. Quality field services are most important in contaminant identification and remediation. High quality field investigations are a precondition for meaningful analysis. They will allow remediation measures to be tailored to the cause, nature and extent of the undesired condition. They provide excellent return on your investment.
... can WDA help you with field services?
We will:
  analyze your needs and goals
  evaluate existing data
  design and execute a field program in cooperation with you
  evaluate and interpret the data with appropriate methods to withstand the due diligence test.

WDA has experienced personnel to assist your company in instituting these measures in a quality oriented, timely and cost effective manner