WDA Consultants Inc. - Soil and Water Contaminant Studies

... are contaminant studies?
Contamination is the degradation of soil and groundwater quality as a result of man's activities. A contaminant study strives to identify the nature, source and extent of the contamination in an area. It also prepares the foundation for risk analysis and eventual remediation.

A contaminant study involves the following:
  identify the contaminant
  delineate the groundwater flow system
  identify the source area
  delineate the migration path and mode of the contaminant

... would you require a contaminant study?
Industrial sites often are sources of contamination. The contamination may have migrated on to neighbouring sites. Acquisition or sale of a property may require that any contamination on the site be identified, its risk factor determined, and the site possibly be remediated.

Contaminant studies are an important prerequisite for risk assessment.

... can WDA help you with contaminant studies?
We will:
  work with you, the client, to assess your needs and goals
  design an appropriate investigation program
  execute the contaminant study in accordance with your needs
  provide comprehensive and conclusive evaluation and interpretation of the findings
  determine the most cost effective remediation plan, if necessary

WDA has experienced personnel to assist your company in instituting these measures in a quality oriented, timely and cost effective manner