WDA Consultants Inc. - Toxicological Investigation

... are toxicological investigations?
Toxicity evaluation attempts to determine the effect of a toxin on the health of humans and farm animals by substitution tests on bacteria, fish and other test organisms. Toxicological investigations are often done in lieu of more time-consuming and expensive chemical studies.

Toxicological investigations involve:
  obtaining soil and water samples at a site
  determination of the toxicity of water and soil samples
  identifying the nature of the toxin and its source
  identifying the toxin using complementary chemical techniques

... would you require a toxicological investigation?
Many chemical compounds are toxic to humans and animals, thus contamination of water or soil may have acute or chronic effects on people and animals in your area.

Identification of the toxin determines whether its removal from the site is necessary and what remediation technique is to be used.

... can WDA help you with a toxicological investigation?
WDA is very experienced in conducting field sampling using proper techniques, in overseeing and coordinating the analyses, and in evaluating and interpreting the results.

We will:
  work closely with you to assess your toxicological need
  design and execute a field sampling program
  oversee and coordinate the toxicological analyses
  determine the necessary procedure for the identification of the toxins
  provide you with a comprehensive and conclusive interpretation of the findings

WDA has experienced personnel to assist your company in instituting these measures in a quality oriented, timely and cost effective manner