WDA Consultants Inc. - Assessment of Groundwater Flow Systems

... do groundwater flow studies include?
Groundwater flow studies include:
  determining the hydrogeology of an area using existing data
  determining location of the water table
  inexpensive computer modelling of the vertical flow regime in the area
  identifying general groundwater flow directions (recharge and discharge)
... would you want a groundwater flow study done?
Assessment of groundwater flow directions will help you to design a cost-effective monitoring system tailored to your needs.

Groundwater flow studies help to delineate:
  recharge and discharge areas
  potential areas for contaminant migration
  potential contaminant pathways

... can WDA help you with a groundwater flow study?
WDA is experienced in the assessment of local and regional groundwater flow worldwide.

WDA has experienced personnel to assist your company in instituting these measures in a quality oriented, timely and cost effective manner