WDA Consultants Inc. - Modelling Groundwater Flow Systems

... is groundwater flow modelling?
Modelling of groundwater flow is a tool to provide better understanding of groundwater flow systems. Given the known hydrodyamic and geologic parameters defining an area, groundwater flow modelling will provide you with a model describing general spatial flow directions and transport in an area.

The results may be used to identify recharge and discharge areas and provide guidelines for further analyses.

... do you need groundwater flow modelling?
Groundwater flow modelling offers a rapid and inexpensive method of identifying possible source areas for contamination in an area. Model results may be used to design sampling and remediation methods.
... can WDA help you with groundwater flow modelling?
We will use groundwater flow modelling to:
  model existing hydrodynamic and hydrogeologic data to identify general patterns of groundwater flow in your area as a guide in setting up a monitoring program
  at the end of the project use the obtained data to provide a more accurate model of groundwater flow in the area as an aid in remediation

WDA has experienced personnel to assist your company in instituting these measures in a quality oriented, timely and cost effective manner