WDA Consultants Inc. - HYDRODYNAMIK - Hydrogeologic Information System

... is WDA's hydrogeologic information system?
The proprietary program, HYDRODYNAMIK combines the functionality of a hydrogeological database with analytical tools for creating maps, cross-sections and hydrographs from hydrodynamic, hydrochemical and piezometer construction data. The program is unique and reduces the time requirements for hydrogeological investigations, report preparation, and increases the accuracy of interpretations.
... would the use of WDA's hydrogeologic information system help your company?
During the planning and investigation stages of environmental projects, it is necessary to gain a detailed understanding of the hydrogeological conditions. HYDRODYNAMIK provides you with a vehicle for gaining a rapid understanding of the hydrogeological conditions in your area. It is a means to easily store, retrieve and display all your hydrogeological data at any time.
... can WDA help you implement and use the hydrogeologic information sytem, HYDRODYNAMIK?
We will:
  help you in the construction of hydrogeologic data storage and retrieval systems
  analyse the hydrogeological and hydrodynamical information, which will lead to a more rapid solution of your environmental problems

WDA has experienced personnel to assist your company in instituting these measures in a quality oriented, timely and cost effective manner