WDA Consultants Inc. - Computer Services & Program Development

... are our computer capabilities?

  groundwater modelling
  data collection, storage, and processing
  software development (Visual BASIC, AutoLisp, C, Lotus macros)
  CAD applications and digitization of maps and digital elevation models
  Internet connection for efficient data transfer between office and clients

We can accept data in any format for use in data evaluation and interpretation.

... would you want to make use of our computer capabilities?
Our proven knowledge of computers, data processing and analysis, ensures timely and cost effective storage, retrieval and processing of all project data.
... can WDA help you with our computer services?
Computer analyses are done in-house and thus do not rely on outside sub-contracting. This means a more rapid turn-around from project inception to finished report.

WDA has experienced personnel to assist your company in instituting these measures in a quality oriented, timely and cost effective manner