WDA Consultants Inc. - Support in Litigation and Hearings

... does support in litigation and at public hearings include?
Support in litigation and hearings includes:
  identification of case needs
  evaluation of available data
  selection of suitable methods to collect and document technical evidence
  evaluation and interpretation of technical data from both parties
  preparation of a comprehensive and conclusive report
  technical support for the litigating attorney
  provision of expert testimony which stands up under cross-examination
... would you require support for litigation and hearings?
Strong technical support and expert testimony is essential for successful litigation
... can WDA support you in litigation and hearings?
WDA applies refined scientific investigation and interpretation methodology. WDA maintains its own scientific bibliography containing more than 65,000 titles. WDA personnel have been successfully involved in major federal and provincial agency hearings, including ERCB (now AEUB) and FEARO.

We will:
  identify the case needs and the most promising technical approach to its solution
  evaluate all available data
  devise an investigation plan in co-operation with the litigating party
  evaluate and interpret all technical data from both parties
  prepare a comprehensive and conclusive report regarding all points of view
  provide technical input into the selection of tactics and strategy for case presentation
  provide expert testimony which stands up to cross-examination

WDA has experienced personnel to assist your company in instituting these measures in a quality oriented, timely and cost effective manner