WDA Consultants Inc. - Literature Review / Bibliographic Services

... do literature review and bibliographic services include?
Literature review and bibliographic services include:
  comprehensive collection of relevant scientific and unpublished technical literature on a well defined topic
  evaluation, summary and critical reporting of results, scientific developments of the subject under consideration
  identification of future development needs
... would you require literature reviews and bibliographic services?
Bibliographic services by professionals provide a balanced and weighted collection of relevant literature and reports. The value of this approach far exceeds the flood of citations often received from electronic searches by library personnel.

Literature review, evaluation and critical reporting by outside agencies can provide an independent point of view.

... can WDA help you with literature review and bibliographic services?
WDA personnel have conducted major literature reviews in water, soil, air, plant and bacterial systems. Review topics have also dealt with drilling, corrosion, toxicity, chemistry, groundwater dynamics and related subjects. At present WDA maintains a selected bibliography of 65,000 titles.

We will:
  collect relevant literature through electronic searches and most importantly, through interviews with various experts and agencies working on all aspects of the subject matter
  read and extract all relevant publications and reports
  test reported data for plausibility and contradictions
  summarize the findings in a clear, concise, comprehensive and conclusive report with deductions, conclusions and recommendations

WDA has experienced personnel to assist your company in instituting these measures in a quality oriented, timely and cost effective manner