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Field Work
  • Planning and supervision of drilling and installation of shallow and deep piezometers and remediation wells in Düsseldorf / Hilden, Germany
  • Planning and supervision of drilling and installation of shallow and deep piezometers at a reservoir site in the Town of Turner Valley, Alberta
  • Collection of chemical and isotope samples at various sites in America, Europe and Asia

    Data Processing
  • 2D and 3D-mathematical models of groundwater flow in an industrial area in Düsseldorf-Hilden, Germany
  • Development of the hydrogeologic data base and evaluation system HydroDynamik [HD]
  • Soil contamination at the tank farm Trippelsberg at start and end of remediation, Düsseldorf, Germany

    Collection, Evaluation, and Interpretation of Groundwater-related Data
  • Regional hydrogeological background study for a Deep CBM development prospect in West-Central Alberta
  • Evaluation of 35 years of groundwater data from a major gas plant and streamlining of the groundwater monitoring network by means of 2D-vertical flow modelling
  • Review of neighbouring SAGD and Oil Sands mining prospects
  • Review of Suncor’s Oil Sands mining activity
  • Review of a SAGD prospect, Athabasca Oil Sands, Alberta
  • Compilation and evaluation of 20 years of hydrogeological data at a petroleum industry plant site
  • Research project on the field investigation and 2D-vertical mathematical modelling at key contaminated sites in Germany, for the Federal Department of the Environment (BMU; Umweltbundesamt)
  • Reason for cattle death at a pond near a compressor station, Sand Hills area, Saskatchewan
  • Report on the environmental effect of the Alberta Petroleum Industry; joint venture with Alberta Environment and the Alberta Cattle Commission
  • Investigation of a moving landslide in a permafrost area, triggered by an earthquake, Fort Smith, NWT
  • Tailings disposal into an arctic meromictic lake, Garrow Lake, Cornwallis Island, NWT
  • Dewatering of an arctic base metal mine in karstic rocks, Pine Point, NWT, with Cominco Ltd.
  • Dewatering and slope stability in a tropical lignite mine, Neyveli, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Independent investigation of the feasibility of a major landfill at Blackie, Alberta, for the disposal of urban and possibly industrial waste by BFI on behalf of the City of Calgary, Alberta

    Gas Leakage and CO2 Storage
  • GASSYS: a unique and accurate passive gas-sampling system for repeated sampling of gas in soil and ground water at multiple depths
  • CO2 sequestration: determination of flow and leakage pathways to surface aquifers and to the surface
  • Correction of a third party risk analysis for drinking water reservoirs and water supply at the Town of Turner Valley, Alberta