WDA Consultants Inc.
WDA Consultants Inc.

What We Do

WDA Consultants Inc. offers services in hydrogeology, dynamics of subsurface fluids,
contaminant hydrogeology, environmental studies, remediation, hydrology, geology and
engineering geology, supported by extensive computer capabilities.

Our Goal

WDA Consultants Inc aims to provide solutions for sustainable development.
This is achieved through efficient, quality fieldwork and data acquisition using
methods suited for problem solving. Data evaluation and report preparation
are aided by cost efficient computer support. Our reports provide both data
and detailed interpretation of results.

Our People

WDA Consultants has the qualified staff and affiliates to provide a wide range of
advanced services in environmental, hydrological and hydrogeological matters.
Our staff will work closely with you to assess your environmental concerns and
provide solutions that will stand up to the due diligence test.