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Karst and Regional Groundwater Dynamics at Pine Point MVT Lead-Zinc Deposits, NWT, Canada

K.U. Weyer
Proceedings, IAH/CGS International Symposium on Regional Groundwater Flow: Theory, Applications and Future Development
Xi'an, China, June 22-23, 2013

2013, WDA Consultants Inc.


The genesis of MVT ore deposits, like those at Pine Point Mines in Canada, has been the subject of debate for many years. The consensus is that the ore bodies were caused by hydrothermal saline water far in the geological past from the Middle Devonian age to the Tertiary age. Garven [1985] pointed out, however, that from a hydrologic perspective, ore genesis could have taken place at any period in which gravity-driven flow systems were operative. Presently those gravity-driven flow systems are in place. Understanding their groundwater dynamics could put in context some of the previously established Pine Point ore genesis hypotheses. It is generally said that, based on isotope and fluid inclusion data, the temperature of the ore forming fluid in the Pine Point area must have been hydrothermal in a temperature range approaching 100 C or more. The average homogenized temperature in fluid inclusions in dolomite in the area is 116 C and the burial temperature about 70 C according to Qing [1991].

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